frIDay Interior Design: The Dining Room

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frIDay Interior Design: The Dining Room

Dining rooms can be a bit tricky, especially in apartments. In lofts, you might have some more space to be creative, but sometimes in apartments you are just working with what you have.

However, if you take some simple considerations into account, your apartment dining area can be stylish and useful.

Dining Room


Before doing anything, assess the space in your dining area. Do you have an entire room or do you need to fit your dining table into a kitchen or other room? How large of a table can your space afford? How many chairs do you need and how many chairs can you actually have. Noting all of this will make it easier as you get to work.

Dual Purpose

Will your dining area end up making for a good home office? If so, you may want to choose a table and chairs with ergonomics to accommodate longer durations of sitting, typing, writing and so on.


Candle Lit Dining

You’ll want to have good ambient lighting in your dining area, but you’ll also want to make sure that you have brighter lights available, in case ambient lighting isn’t enough.

Chair Count

Based on the space, your family and frequency of having guests, you will end up choosing more or less chairs. Keep in mind that you can always store extra chairs elsewhere in the case of additional diners.


When you have the logistics figured out, then you can decide on a style. If you have a small space, a utilitarian style, such as industrial or modern might suit you well, as it will make it easier to save space and suit several purposes.

Modern Dining

Thursday “Things-to-Do” – Hit Up a Museum in Buffalo

Western New York is full of museums, and Buffalo specifically has some really cool options. So, if you dig history or just need a day our of your apartments, consider checking out some of the local museums:

Buffalo Museum of Science

If you like science, archaeology or dinosaurs (who doesn’t?) then check out the Buffalo Museum of Science. Currently, you can catch the Mummies of the World exhibit, and see both naturally and intentionally preserved mummies from both other museums and private collectors.

Buffalo Museum of Science

Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site

At the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site, you can take in a bit of presidential history in your own backyard. With exhibits about Roosevelt’s path to becoming president, the Pan American Expo and American history in general, it’s a great way to spend some time on the weekend.

TR Inaugural Site

Albright Knox

With ever-changing exhibits, a cool layout and work from both current and past artists, the Albright Knox Art Gallery will impress any art enthusiast. Take a day to appreciate Buffalo’s fine arts culture and you won’t be disappointed.

Albright Knox

Apartments Necessities: Plant Life

Ever wondered how you can make your apartment come to life? How about adding some more life into the space (literally)?

Plants can do a lot for an apartment, from purifying the air to improving the look. Of course, choosing the right plants could be a bit difficult, especially if you haven’t had plants before. Make sure to do things right from the beginning to keep your plants alive and well!

Choose Plants for the Right Light

Snake Plant

Typically, with apartments, you’ll be dealing with low-light. So, you’ll want to choose plants that can thrive without a lot of sunlight, like snake plants or or peace lilies.

In contrast, with a high light scenario, you can get away with plants like ficus or bird of paradise plants.

Remember to Water!

Watering Plants

Surprisingly enough, plants can’t survive without water. So, set up a schedule or even input some reminders on your phone.

Make Plants into a Focal Point

Plant on Coffee Table

Placing plants on your coffee table, for example, makes them a centerpiece for the room. Not only will this help you with remembering to water, but it also creates a natural energy for the space.

frIDay Interior Design: Zen

The “Zen” interior look stresses minimalism, openness and blurring the line between interior and exterior. A more open layout, such as a loft, could easily fit within the Zen appeal, though with some work any apartment could also work.

How can you develop a Zen look in your apartment?

Natural, Soft Colors

Stick to colors that regular occur in nature for the most part. Really, you can incorporate any colors you like, but certain neutral/natural colors should be the foundation – especially on the walls.

Natural & Neutral


Limit/Eliminate the Clutter

Remember, openness is the key, so lots of clutter will really ruin the aesthetic. Keep things minimal and optimize your space as much as possible.


Bring in Something Natural

Any room with a Zen appeal should have something growing in it. It cleans the air and complements the open feel, allowing for a relaxing energy in the space.

Natural Growth

Thursday “Things-to-Do” – Buffalo Living Tour

Looking for something to do this weekend? Wanna see some of Buffalo’s most unique living spaces? Want the chance to win some cool prizes, including dinners for two? Then get your punch card and check out this Saturday’s Buffalo Living Tour.

You can check out their website for more information. One of the featured properties is Kissling’s own West Huron Lofts, so we are excited to show off what we’ve been able to do in Buffalo’s downtown area for renovation and excellence in living spaces.

201 West Huron

Apartment Necessities: Music & Sound

There are some things that every apartment needs – and one of these things is music. More specifically, some way to listen to your music without needing headphones. You might also consider consolidating sound systems to get the more from less  in order to save space (instead of utilizing both an iPod dock and a home theatre system, you can consolidate by using one for both things).

Of course, some of your audio decisions will depend on your budget, but these days you can get great sound for a decent price. Here are a few ways to incorporate music and general audio into your apartment:

iPod Dock / Airplay Device

While many iPod docks are just that – a device with which you can listen to your iPod – some can incorporate your TV or films as well. The Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air (pictured below) has an input to easily connect a Blu-Ray or DVD player’s audio output. And with five speakers, it will easily fill an apartment living room with your favorite tunes or entertainment audio. Whatever device you look into, consider spending a bit extra if it means killing two birds with one stone.


Bookshelf Speakers / Sound System

If you really want to invest in some premium audio, you will want to consider bookshelf speakers or even an entire theatre sound system. In this case, you’ll need a audio/video receiver to connect all of the components. However, you will have a lot of customizable options and you can really get the sound that you want for your particular room.



While many view the classic record player as an outmoded audio device, true audiophiles will tell you that you get the most out of your music with through vinyl. While incorporating a turntable won’t save you any space, it will offer a neat visual piece to the room while giving you impeccable audio (assuming that you have well-kept vinyls and decent speakers).

Record Player

frIDay Interior Design: Apartment Bathroom Tips

With apartment bathrooms, you don’t necessarily have the freedom to be entirely creative as you would with a detached house. In a house, you can add a custom bath or sink, made of stone or in some really neat shape. But, in an apartment you can’t really tear out the tub or sink for a replacement.

That being said, you do have options to make the bathroom your own without replacing the major pieces to the room. Consider these options:

Add Some Artwork

Most bathrooms that feel comfortable have some sort of art on the wall. Avoid the cheesiness and go for something non-bathroom themed:

Wall Art

Coordinate the Colors / Patterns

Have a color palette and stick to it. Your bath matt, towels and shower curtains should match. They don’t need to be the same color or pattern, but there should be some unified design.


Get Some Random Stuff

Magazines, games, whatever. When you have guests over, chances are that they’ll used the bathroom and, for that matter, you probably will use the bathroom every day. So, stock up on bathroom entertainment, because it’ll get used.

Bathroom Game

Thursday “Things-to-Do” – Elmwood-Bidwell Farmers Market

Our Allentown, Elmwood and Delaware Ave apartments (among others) are all in close proximity to the Elmwood/Bidwell Farmers Market.

Farmers Market

Every Saturday from now, through October, the Farmers Market will be up from 8 am to 1 pm, with fresh local produce, in addition to other local food products, drinks and the like. Their website has a list of vendors, with more info on events, news, and even a photo gallery. You can also like them on Facebook to keep up on current events for the market.

Basically, you can get good food for a good price, support local economy and have a nice morning in a beautiful park – sounds pretty nice, right? Check out the Farmers Market to see what we mean!

Wednesday Boardom – “Modern Coffee Tables” by Michael Habachy

Coffee Table 1

One piece of furniture that really brings an apartment or loft together – even defining the room – is the coffee table. While the couch or the entertainment center take up more real estate in a room, the coffee table gets seen more than the couch (since when you sit on a couch, you don’t see it) and you typically have more physical interaction with a coffee table than your entertainment center (setting cups down, flipping through magazines or coffee table books, etc.).

So, this week we feature a Pinterest Board full of coffee tables. Maybe you haven’t found the perfect coffee table as of yet. If that’s the case, check out “Modern Coffee Tables” from Michael Habachy, which includes the following pieces:

Coffee Table 2

Coffee Table 3

Coffee Table 4

Depending on your style of needs, you might want a coffee table the stresses functionality over cool appearance for your Buffalo apartment. Of, maybe functionality isn’t your main concern. Either way, this board will give you some good ideas, some of which even link to site where you can make a purchase. Pretty sweet!

Thursday “Things-to-Do” – Catch a Show

Like music? Wanna go out this weekend? Go catch a show at one of the local music venues. With plenty of spots within a close proximity to many of our Buffalo apartments, the city has a lot to offer by way of music, including a diverse set of venues and world-class onstage talent.

Here are just a few venues that you could check out:


Town Ballroom

Town Ballroom

A larger venue for bigger acts in Buffalo’s Theatre District, Town Ballroom is a great place to see anyone from local virtuosos to international acts. While it’s no Radio City Music Hall, it’s a great place to enjoy a concert.


Waiting Room

Waiting Room

With a more intimate feel, this smaller venue still features larger acts from time-to-time. Though it’s less ornate than Town Ballroom, Waiting Room still gets plenty of praise from local music enthusiasts.


Duke’s Bohemian Grove Bar


Located in Allentown, this Bohemian venue is typical of the artsy section of Buffalo. Good drinks, good food and a lot of culture packed into a small space, you’ll be sure to have a good time at DBGB’s – and it’s right around the corner from our Allentown apartments.