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frIDay Interior Design: Coastal

You know the feeling you get when you come back from a stay at the beach? Relaxed, energized, laid back. Now imagine having that feeling all year round, sans the sand.

Coastal interior design isn’t just for those who live by the sea. Sure, the nautical elements often used work well within beach cottages and cabins, but there’s so much more to coastal interior design.

Coastal design would allow you to keep a piece of summer with you throughout the harsh Buffalo winters that many of us know all too well. The soft, beachy colors and effortless flow of the space may even trick your mind into thinking you’re coming home to an oceanside paradise everyday.

Kissling coastal 3

Kissling coastal 2

Kissling coastal 1

Since Buffalo is far from coastal living, you may feel the need to limit, or even eliminate, the use of anchors, oars, coral and other sea-related objects. And while there are many color palettes you can choose from — whether capitalizing more on white, blue or a light tan — regardless of the colors and items you choose to incorporate, there are some tips you should keep in mind for your newly coastal space.

1-Don’t get caught on one color.

You don’t want to drown out a space by overloading it with one color. For example:

Kissling too white

Incorporating other sections of the color spectrum can go a long way.

Kissling color

Kissling white

2- Coastal design is just that.
Think nautical; think maps. But put a new twist on them, perhaps by cutting them into shapes and framing them.

Kissling maps

3- Weathered wood.

Not only does it add a rustic feel to the space, but a natural and soothing one.

Kissling weathered wood

4- Bring outdoors in.

Wicker chairs and tables that may be traditionally utilized outdoors have their space within a coastal home.

Kissling wicker

With all that being said, don’t be afraid to trust your instincts and be cliche if need be. As long as you can feel the fresh air and picture the waves coming in, you’ll have done it right.

frIDay Interior Design: Modern Organic

Perhaps you’ve heard about the Organic Modern interior design style and want to give it a shot. Maybe you’ve never even heard about it and are about to get inspired.

organic modern couch

What was once a popular style back in the 1940’s and 50’s went under the radar for quite some time, but has resurfaced as a popular interior design option today. The clean and open layout may lend itself to a space more conducive to the creative process by ridding the area of distractions and filling it with a natural ambiance.

While this style could be referred to as “shabby chic” to the novice interior designer, there’s nothing shabby about it. There are some things to keep in mind when it comes to turning your space Organic Modern:

1- Be neutral.

organic modern stand

Let your color palette be that of the colors in the woods. Think tree bark, grass, moss and soil. Stray from bright colors as they can break apart the soothing ambiance.

2-Use texture.

organic modern table

Linen, burlap, flax — they are all your friends. Sometimes life can be rough, as your textures can be. Provide a good mix.

3-Most importantly, be natural.

Organic modern plants

Don’t incorporate any plastic furniture in your space. Try to have as many items that look like they were inspired by nature as possible. Plastic sends a sterile vibe that just clashes with the style in an Organic Modern home.

So when you think Organic Modern, think rustic, but with a modern flair. Once you partake in your Organic Modern interior design adventure, your space will start to shape itself.

5 Tips for Living with a Roommate

If you’ve ever lived with a roommate before, you know how challenging the situation can be sometimes, but hopefully you’ve found that it can also be quite enjoyable given the right circumstances. If you’re new to living with a roommate or are working on finding a new one, there’s a lot to consider to make sure that you won’t go crazy and want to move out after 2 weeks. Hopefully these easy tips will help.

Find a Friend

Living with someone you don’t know is a big commitment, and while it might be necessary sometimes, it’s usually best to avoid it. If you have to live with someone you don’t know, be sure to meet a few times before you move in just to make sure you’ll be able to get along with the person. Your best bet is to find a friend or even just a shallow acquaintance who you know enough about to be sure that you’ll be able to live together.

Not a Best Friend

While living with friends is good, living with your best friend can quickly become a real problem. Best friends often take liberties with your living space since they think you won’t mind, but good roommates respect each other and give each other plenty of space when they need it. Living with someone can also bring out a lot of problems in a friendship that wouldn’t have surfaced otherwise, so before you move in with your best friend, it might be worth considering whether the health of your friendship is more important than rooming together.

Agree on Cleanliness Standards

Chances are you and your roommate will have slightly different ideas of acceptable cleanliness levels at your apartment. If you need your space to be a lot cleaner than your roommate does, you’ll end up cleaning up his or her messes all the time just because it bothers you. If you agree ahead of time on how clean you’d like the apartment to be, you’ll both know when your mess is annoying your roommate.

Break Up the Chores

If you don’t mind vacuuming but you hate doing dishes, your roommate might be open to splitting up the chores with you. If you can split the work in half and each stick to your schedule, it’ll make life a lot easier and prevent your apartment from getting too messy and out of control. If both of you absolutely hate cleaning the bathroom, take turns doing it so one person doesn’t get stuck with the worst chores every time. You’ll both be a lot happier for it.

Make a Food Agreement

If you split food costs with your roommate, make sure one of you isn’t eating all the food. Monetary disputes are one of the easiest ways to ruin a friendship with your roommate, so be extra clear about your expectations. If you each buy your own food separately, have the courtesy not to eat your roommate’s groceries. And if you do, make sure to let him or her know that you’ll pay them back for what you took.


Ultimately, the best rule for living with a roommate is to be respectful and compassionate. If you can put yourself in their shoes and understand what’s important to them, you’ll probably get along just fine.


frIDay Interior Design: Bohemian

When the term Bohemian is used, it’s usually in the context of describing something as unconventional and “artsy.” When used to describe a specific style of interior design, the same description applies, but the results are soothing and quite beautiful.

For example:

Kissling blog image 1

Kissling blog image 2

Kissling blog image 3

As you can see, the style is anything but restrictive. There are many paths a Bohemian-inspired home can take. There are just a few design tips to keep in mind.

1- Have plants, and lots of them.

Green is one of the key colors when it comes to Boho interior design. The style rests on an earthy color palette (think greens, browns, oranges) with splashes of vibrancy. Not only is the color green soothing and natural, but the oxygen produced by the plants is good for air quality- and it just feels good to be living in a space with other living things.

Kissling blog image 4

2- Pillows a must.

First of all, pillow shopping is probably the most fun shopping experience there is due to the seemingly endless array of textures, colors, patterns and prints. Secondly, the pillows will set the comfortable mood of your apartment, making you feel like you’re walking into a personal oasis everyday. You can go eclectic or streamlined, it’s up to you. And that’s the beauty of Boho.

Kissling blog image 5

3-Low furniture.

In order to keep maximum room for wall furnishings, plants and canopies, keep your furniture low to the ground. It add levels and makes your space more visually interesting.

Kissling blog image 6

Think a Bohemian makeover is right for you? Give it a try by following these few simple instructions. Even if you don’t go full fledged Boho, perhaps your new decor will inspire you to break down some mental walls and feel more creative within your space.

3 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Apartment

The new school year is starting, Fall is almost here, and many Western New Yorker’s are moving into new apartments around this time of year. If you’re not among the lucky movers but are feeling like your apartment has gotten a little stale, there are plenty of free and easy ways to shake things up and refresh your space. Check out some of these quick tips, and don’t let the apartment envy get you down!

Move Furniture Around

One easy way to freshen up your space is to rearrange your rooms. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how different everything feels just by changing up your layout, and your guests will take notice too. If you want to make a splash for your next get-together or find some new energy in your living space, give it a try and see how things feel when you’re done.

Clean Up or Ship Out

Embarking on an intense clean of your apartment can really bring some of that new-living-space life back, and so can decreasing your clutter. If you have so much stuff crowding up your rooms that you don’t even use (or like) it all, just get rid of some of it. If you take a few hours to throw away some old things and clean up the rest, you just might find some new life buried underneath some of your old junk.

Try a New Routine

If you always come home from work, eat dinner in front of the TV and then spend the night reading in your bedroom, things can get stale pretty fast. Try sitting on your couch instead of your favorite chair, or eat more meals at your kitchen table instead of in the living room. Making simple changes to your perspective and utilizing different parts of your apartment can provide a new and refreshing point of view, so why not give it a try?


Of course, if you really do need to get out of your apartment and find somewhere new to live, we have you covered for that too. Check out our full listing of apartments and let’s try to find you the perfect new space.