frIDay Interior Design: Parisian Style

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frIDay Interior Design: Parisian Style

Paris is an iconic city.

Why wouldn’t you want your living space to reflect the majesty of one of the most beautiful places of the world?

Kissling intro

Maybe you’ve been to Paris and fell in love. Maybe you’ve never been there. Either way, its beauty is something hard to forget, but not so difficult to capture through careful interior design. By taking the following simple tips you’ll be decorating like a Parisian in no time.

1- Keep your walls white.
Maximize light. It’s rare that you’ll find a Paris home that doesn’t have white walls. Color can be tactfully used elsewhere.

Kissling walls white

2- Hang chandeliers.
Nothing induces the romance of the City of Love more than decorative overhead lighting.

Kissling chandelier

3- Use vintage elements.
Perhaps you already have some, but if not, it may be a good idea to visit a vintage shop. Sparkly, brand new pieces don’t have as much character or story as those that look like they’ve been previously loved.

Kissling vintage

4- Don’t be afraid to step outside the box.
In order to get a truly Parisian feel, it’s a good idea to follow these rules, but don’t get so stuck to them that you’re afraid to be yourself. Show off your style and be a little funky. Odd art pieces, abstract paintings, and geometric rugs are all welcome.

Kissling step outside the box

Paris has inspired people the world over. Chances are, if you’re reading this, it has inspired you as well. Now that the mystery has been taken away from it, go forth and decorate like a true Parisian!