New Apartment in Buffalo? How to Make it Your New Home*

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New Apartment in Buffalo? How to Make it Your New Home*

So you found your brand new Buffalo apartment, you’re all moved out of your old place. You turned in the keys to the old place and looked at it one last time. You returned the moving truck. It’s official, you’re moved out, and moved in. Now you’re looking around at all your boxes, frivolously placed all around your new apartment, and anxiety sets in. This is my new apartment. Now what? Don’t worry, here are a few tips for setting up your new crib and making it into a home.

There is certainly an emotional adjustment period when you move out of your old loft or apartment, and into a new one. Barring you know the surrounding area, – do your research – the first step in getting cozy and feeling comfortable at home is setting up. Here are a few tips in your journey.

Clean House

Your stuff is everywhere. Scattered about in a format that might make you feel like you’re in the back of a UPS truck. First things first, inspect the space. Do a little study into what’s clean, and what’s not. Do a little overhaul on things like sweeping, cleaning the bathroom, cabinets, etc. This will allow you to feel better during the unpacking phase.

Start With Your Most Important Room

Rome wasn’t built in a day. While you have the time and energy, decide which room you want to unpack and set up first. This could be your bedroom, your family room, or your kitchen. It all depends on your opinion, it’s your show. Wherever your retreat is, create that space first, so you have somewhere to go to relax for the first few days.

Create Lighting Zones

Despite popular belief, the lighting and light positioning of your Buffalo apartment is one of the most powerful elements of apartment design. See what you have built in, (overhead, switch lights) and then look at what lights you have in your arsenal. The right lighting can really make an apartment feel more homey. Consider at least three different light sources for each room, to create zones, and also think about different light bulb styles

It’s Your Apartment..Do You.

Whether you’re living alone or with a spouse/roommate, this is your new home. No one can tell you what you can or cannot do, in terms of decorating. Express yourself! Use all of the art, knick knacks, and sentimental items that you brought from your old apartment in Buffalo, and consider what you need for the new one. Chances are you’ll need a few new things for the new place, so make a list of needs and wants in terms of decorative expression.

Finish Strong.

Don’t let the UPS truck that was your mess linger. Don’t procrastinate setting up, or buying that new piece that will really make you happy. Don’t hoard. Throw out or donate anything that you don’t need to eliminate clutter. Make your place really sparkle with finishing touches and organization. Then.. it’s time for the final step.

P A R T, Y? Because You Gotta.

Invite a few friends over to see your new home! Hopefully the fact that everything is spick and span and brand new means your friends won’t make a mess. What a better way to start fresh than having your closest lads and lasses over to your new castle?


Hopefully a few of these things help you when you find your new Buffalo apartment or loft. Remember that this is more than just an apartment for rent now, this is your home! For information on apartments for rent in Buffalo NY and Lofts in Buffalo, please see our properties, or give us a call about availability!