Apartment Necessities – Furnishing The Foyer

Apartment Necessities – Furnishing The Foyer

The foyer will be the first thing that your guests see in your apartment, so you’ll want to make a good impression. Depending on your space’s layout, you will have more or less to work with. However, the same principles apply to both a utilitarian and beautiful foyer:

A Welcome Mat

The welcome mat’s main purpose is to get dirt off of shoes. So, it does not need to say “welcome” on it, but it should make it easier to avoid tracking mud, snow or grass through your apartment.

Welcome Mat

Coat Rack or Wall Hooks

Some apartments have a closet adjacent to the door that you could utilize for coats. If your apartment lacks a coat closet, you’ll want to invest in wall hooks or a coat rack. Wall hooks can double to hold keys, but a coat rack can make for a nice accent to the foyer.

Coat Rack

Shoe/Stuff Storage

A small side table with a drawer can make your entryway a lot more useful for you. You will have a place to drop your keys, wallet, etc. Below, or to the side, you might consider a shoe rack to organize the area a bit better.

Foyer Table


Without ample lighting in your foyer, entering your own apartment can be a bit of a hassle. Make sure that you can easily see after getting in so that both you and your guests can feel comfortable from the start.

Foyer Lamp

Plants or Artwork

A small plant, a bit of wall art or a nice vase make for an additional aesthetic touch to your foyer. Again, it’s good to feel happy, comfortable and relaxed upon entering an apartment, so the visual touches really help.

Foyer Art