Apartment Necessities: Music & Sound

Apartment Necessities: Music & Sound

There are some things that every apartment needs – and one of these things is music. More specifically, some way to listen to your music without needing headphones. You might also consider consolidating sound systems to get the more from less  in order to save space (instead of utilizing both an iPod dock and a home theatre system, you can consolidate by using one for both things).

Of course, some of your audio decisions will depend on your budget, but these days you can get great sound for a decent price. Here are a few ways to incorporate music and general audio into your apartment:

iPod Dock / Airplay Device

While many iPod docks are just that – a device with which you can listen to your iPod – some can incorporate your TV or films as well. The Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air (pictured below) has an input to easily connect a Blu-Ray or DVD player’s audio output. And with five speakers, it will easily fill an apartment living room with your favorite tunes or entertainment audio. Whatever device you look into, consider spending a bit extra if it means killing two birds with one stone.


Bookshelf Speakers / Sound System

If you really want to invest in some premium audio, you will want to consider bookshelf speakers or even an entire theatre sound system. In this case, you’ll need a audio/video receiver to connect all of the components. However, you will have a lot of customizable options and you can really get the sound that you want for your particular room.



While many view the classic record player as an outmoded audio device, true audiophiles will tell you that you get the most out of your music with through vinyl. While incorporating a turntable won’t save you any space, it will offer a neat visual piece to the room while giving you impeccable audio (assuming that you have well-kept vinyls and decent speakers).

Record Player