Apartment Necessities – Shelving

Apartment Necessities – Shelving

Whether or not you are an avid reader, you’ll want bookshelves in your apartment. You have photo frames, artwork, knick knacks and other random items that need somewhere to go. Many of these things work much better on display than they do hidden in boxes or closets.

Of course, depending on your space, different shelving systems might work, while others might not. Consider these common solutions for your apartment:


These shelves can work in almost any space and offer the most freedom as to location, size and even look. Keep in mind that, if you do not find wall studs for installation, you will need to utilize anchors (which will usually indicate a weight capacity for load bearing).

Floating Shelf


Freestanding bookshelves are probably the most common, as they are easy to use and typically have a greater capacity for storage. Keep in mind that you can easily put together a DIY bookshelf using reclaimed equipment like ladders, especially if the look would suit your particular style.

Ladder Bookshelf


Some apartments might feature little corner nooks or recessed walls. In this case, you might be able to install floating shelves into the recess with a “built-in” look to them. This way, you avoid the need for bookends and make for a clever use in an otherwise difficult to utilize corner (keep in mind that you’ll want to make these easily removable, since you are in a rented space).

Built In