Apartments Necessities: Plant Life

Apartments Necessities: Plant Life

Ever wondered how you can make your apartment come to life? How about adding some more life into the space (literally)?

Plants can do a lot for an apartment, from purifying the air to improving the look. Of course, choosing the right plants could be a bit difficult, especially if you haven’t had plants before. Make sure to do things right from the beginning to keep your plants alive and well!

Choose Plants for the Right Light

Snake Plant

Typically, with apartments, you’ll be dealing with low-light. So, you’ll want to choose plants that can thrive without a lot of sunlight, like snake plants or or peace lilies.

In contrast, with a high light scenario, you can get away with plants like ficus or bird of paradise plants.

Remember to Water!

Watering Plants

Surprisingly enough, plants can’t survive without water. So, set up a schedule or even input some reminders on your phone.

Make Plants into a Focal Point

Plant on Coffee Table

Placing plants on your coffee table, for example, makes them a centerpiece for the room. Not only will this help you with remembering to water, but it also creates a natural energy for the space.