4 Winter Apartment Cleaning Tips You Probably Forget

4 Winter Apartment Cleaning Tips You Probably Forget

4 Winter Apartment Cleaning Tips You Probably Forget

New Year, New Cleaning Habits

2016 is a fresh start for everyone in Buffalo. Some may change their eating habits, quit smoking, or begin a rigorous exercise regiment, but what about that messy apartment? Whether you live with someone else in Buffalo or alone, your loft or apartment is probably not ship shape. What a better time to to change the way your apartment Buffalo? Here are 5 often forgotten about tips on how to freshen up those Buffalo apartments, and relieve the cabin fever.

The Out of Reach Areas

These are the areas that no one likes to clean. They involve far too much effort and no one ever sees it anyway right? Wrong. The dust and grime buildup in out of reach area hurt the air quality of your Buffalo apartment, especially during the winter, when we are sealed up indoors with all the windows shut. Devote time to the top of your fridge & the back corners of your cabinets. Dust first, then sanitize. Don’t forget about behind the fridge. You might want to invest in some rubber gloves.


Older apartments and lofts around Buffalo can collect dust on and around baseboards. Dust collects far more in the winter, with less air flow. Before you do your standard sweeping, mopping, or vacuuming, give the baseboards a once over. Not only will it look better, but it will eliminate dust buildup.

That Old Mattress

Clean & Flip the old trusty mattress. First, wash your sheets that probably need it. Take the vacuum to the mattress and eliminate any crumbs or other remnants of bed food. Anyone stuck inside their apartments in Buffalo NY knows how many meals end up in the comfort of swaddling blankets while binge watching Netflix. Sprinkle a little baking soda on any stains, followed by a little dish soap or peroxide. Once you’re all cleaned up, flip and rotate the mattress 180 degrees to prevent sagging.

Lights & Ceiling Fans

In another effort to improve the air quality of your apartment in Buffalo, don’t forget about the dust up above. Common surfaces like end tables and headboards are seen so often that it becomes necessary to clean to avoid embarrassment, but the ceiling fixtures aren’t so noticeable. Dust the overhead light fixtures, fan blades, and any other lighting. Use a ladder, and try to use a spotter!
So there you have it Buffalo, a few things to remember when you clean up your apartment. Remember, a clean apartment is a happy apartment!

8 Ways To Fall in Love With Your New Apartment

Creating Your Sanctuary in Your New Buffalo Apartment

It’s not easy finding the perfect apartment, but Kissling provides you with a wide selection of apartments in and around Buffalo, New York. We aim to make your new home feel just as comforting as your old. Add to the comfort of our Buffalo apartments by adding elements and a personal touch to make you fall even more in love with your new home.

Here are a few things to consider when moving into your new place..

Feng Shui

The factor that makes the biggest difference in your apartment is your layout of furniture. Where your furniture is placed creates a certain flow of your apartment, one that you and your guests will have to grow accustomed to, so make sure you love it! Make sure to not fill all of your space with furniture; you may feel cramped and uncomfortable. You can also pull a “Goldilocks” and test out a few different setups before committing to one that makes you feel the most comfortable.

Light it Up

Add some light! Whether natural lighting or by using lamps, a touch of light will perk up any apartment. If natural light isn’t really an option, use extra floor lamps or full-spectrum lights that imitate sunlight. Mirrors can also help by reflecting the lights already shining and help increase the brightness of the room. Have options, the more lighting, the more you’ll feel comfortable in your new Buffalo pad.

Splash Some Color

Check with us first, but there is a chance you could possibly paint the walls. Instead of plain white walls, try adding a few dashes and splashes of color onto them. If you’re looking for some joy and energy to bring, try using bright colors like yellow and pink. If you’re looking for some calming colors, blue, green and browns will help with that effect.

Create Your Sanctuary

Make your bedroom sanctuary, no matter whether you have a studio,  one-bedroom, two-bedroom apartment, or loft. The area where your bed is should be the most soothing place in your apartment. By ensuring your bed is perfect for you, you can make you feel better about your whole apartment or loft. You could try plush blankets, certain pillows or sheets to help with the refreshing feel of your bed.

Don’t Be a Slob

Keep yourself organized. Messy homes that are covered with clutter create stress, whereas tidy homes make owners more relaxed. If you are feeling a room is becoming too crowded, try throwing away five to ten items. Pick items you are not so crazy about; you will feel an immense sense of relief.

Decorate Like Crazy

Spend the first couple weeks while you’re still getting adjusted to your new place just making your place aesthetically pleasing. You can add wall hangings, framed pictures or anything else you enjoy! A simple addition could be fresh flowers in a vase for a touch of brightness and beauty. Keep old comforts near your new ones. Whether this means photographs, trophies, or favorite books, these all bring a dash of nostalgia to our personal lives

Find Your Furniture

Even if you already have your furniture, maybe buying a statement piece could bring your home together. If you are willing, buy a piece you extremely love, whether it’s an armoire or a couch. Just be careful to budget this into your spending before buying something you cannot pay for and/or move. Consider the entrances and size of your new Buffalo apartment when choosing new furniture.

Take Your Time.

Adjusting to a new apartment in Buffalo NY will not be simple and quick, so give yourself a break and allow yourself some time to settle in. Make any changes you need to and rearrange anything necessary until you find the best way to use our new space. Do this, and you may find yourself falling in love with your new home.


We here at Kissling Apartments hope you find yourself successful in your search for a perfect Buffalo apartment. If you’re looking to rent in Buffalo, New York be sure to check out some of our amazing places. Who knows? One of them may be your future home! 

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Brighten Up: 3 Lighting Solutions for Your Apartment

Apartment lighting determines a huge part of the character of your living space, and you might feel like there are limited options out there to introduce some better light into your rooms, but don’t underestimate your choices! Your Kissling blog friends have some new ideas for you to consider that might help you find the right solution. A quick note before we dive in though: some of these ideas are a little invasive, so make sure to clear any serious construction with your friendly management staff before you start drilling into walls and making other significant or destructive changes.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights are fixtures that are actually built right into the ceiling, and they’re great for apartments with lower ceilings. Recessed lights can also shed a softer light on your space that helps to brighten things up without being too intense. They’re a great alternative to fluorescent ceiling lighting that can be just too overwhelming.



Track Lighting

Track lighting is a great change-up from your typical ceiling-hung light fixtures or standing lamps. It’s just a simple mounting system that holds lights suspended from the ceiling, but often allows for the freedom to change the direction of the light or adjust the lamps. If you have a DIY feel to your apartment, track lighting might be a perfect pairing since it shows off a little more hardware than typical light fixtures.


track lighting


Wall Sconces

Wall-mounted lamps are another great example of a lighting solution for people with low ceilings or smaller apartments. They can also help with the direction and distribution of light in your room. Wall lamps aimed up at the ceiling will help diffuse light throughout your space and brighten up a room without being too intense.


sconce lighting



See! We told you that you’d have more options than you thought.



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Buffalo Apartment Necessities: Storage

Even in some of our most luxuriously spacious Buffalo apartments, finding the right storage to keep all your things in neat order is an important task. You might have a lot of free space around your place now, but unless you find a good way to organize the little things, your space can get cluttered and out of control fast. So, to give you some inspiration to get creative with your storage, we’ve put together some cool ideas that will help you save space and also keep your apartment looking great.

Under the Bed

No, we’re not talking about just shoving all the clutter on the floor of your room right under your bed. We’re talking about real, under-the-bed storage space. Getting a bed that comes with drawer storage underneath is a great way to maximize space in your room. These beds can be expensive, but if you can’t afford it, don’t let that hold you back. It can be easy and fun to take on a new DIY project, and building a platform for your bed that includes lots of space for storage will pay for itself when you aren’t tripping over things on your floor. If you need some guidance, the internet is an endless expanse of helpful tips, so get out there and explore.


Bike Storage

There’s nothing worse than having to store your bike right in the middle of your living room or bedroom and having to step around it as you walk through your apartment. Since a lot of our apartments for rent are nestled deep in Buffalo biking territory, plenty of our tenants are probably faced with this problem. The answer might be simpler than you think. Go to your local hardware store and check out the shelving and hooks they have available. Building a wall-mount for your bike is probably easier than you think, and you’ll love the extra space you’ll have after you get your bike off the floor. Your solution doesn’t have to be destructive to the wall either. Try getting some Command strips and hanging your hooks with a solution that won’t leave damage to the wall when you’re done.


Shelving and Boxes

Storage shelves and dressers don’t have to be big and expensive to get the job done. There are plenty of cool ways to arrange pre-built or custom-made shelving around your place to maximize space and give you plenty of room to store things. Check out this great asymmetrical shelving unit that was built using wooden boxes and a ratchet strap – all easily attainable items.

asymetrical boxes

So if you’re struggling to find enough storage for everything in your apartment, give these ideas a try and get creative. And if you really can’t fit all your stuff into your living space, maybe it’s time for an upgrade! Check out our apartments for rent in Buffalo and find the perfect floor plan for you.

Apartment Necessities: Art and Decor

Unless you’re going for the most minimalist feel possible, you’ll probably want to find something to hang on the walls in your apartment to spice things up a bit. You may have missed the Allentown Art Festival this year, but with mass distribution of art made easier through the internet, there are still plenty of sources out there for you to find some picture-perfect decor to bring your walls to life. Here are some great things to keep in mind while you decorate:

Your Living Space Has Personality

From the colors you’ve chosen to highlight your apartment with to the style of your furniture, everything in your space builds up to a personality. What you hang on the walls is a big part of this. When you’re shopping around for the best new artistic pieces, remember the look and feel you’re going for. A piece that contrasts intensely with the other colors in your apartment will jump out and be more visually aggressive for you and your guests, while something that fits with your color palette will blend in and create a measured, calming environment. Whatever you’re going for, keep the personality of your space in mind.


Plenty of Options

Local art shows are great places to check out possible decor for your space, but don’t forget to check online, too. There are plenty of websites like Etsy.com that have huge varieties of artwork to choose from, and the prices are usually reasonable. Don’t settle for something that you don’t think is perfect for your apartment, because you’ll probably have to look at it for a long time.

Create Something Yourself

If you can’t find something that really speaks to your personality as well as the feel of your apartment, why not try making something yourself? Photo collages or large-sized photo prints are great ways to take a memory or a favorite photo and bring it to life in your living space. You don’t have to be a professional artist to create something of your own to decorate your apartment, and once you’re done, you can show it off and create easy conversation when you have company over. Don’t be afraid to get creative!


Whatever you decide to decorate your space with, the important part is that you like it. If you surround yourself with positive emotions, your living situation will be a lot better.



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Apartment Necessities – Shelving

Whether or not you are an avid reader, you’ll want bookshelves in your apartment. You have photo frames, artwork, knick knacks and other random items that need somewhere to go. Many of these things work much better on display than they do hidden in boxes or closets.

Of course, depending on your space, different shelving systems might work, while others might not. Consider these common solutions for your apartment:


These shelves can work in almost any space and offer the most freedom as to location, size and even look. Keep in mind that, if you do not find wall studs for installation, you will need to utilize anchors (which will usually indicate a weight capacity for load bearing).

Floating Shelf


Freestanding bookshelves are probably the most common, as they are easy to use and typically have a greater capacity for storage. Keep in mind that you can easily put together a DIY bookshelf using reclaimed equipment like ladders, especially if the look would suit your particular style.

Ladder Bookshelf


Some apartments might feature little corner nooks or recessed walls. In this case, you might be able to install floating shelves into the recess with a “built-in” look to them. This way, you avoid the need for bookends and make for a clever use in an otherwise difficult to utilize corner (keep in mind that you’ll want to make these easily removable, since you are in a rented space).

Built In

Apartment Necessities – Furnishing The Foyer

The foyer will be the first thing that your guests see in your apartment, so you’ll want to make a good impression. Depending on your space’s layout, you will have more or less to work with. However, the same principles apply to both a utilitarian and beautiful foyer:

A Welcome Mat

The welcome mat’s main purpose is to get dirt off of shoes. So, it does not need to say “welcome” on it, but it should make it easier to avoid tracking mud, snow or grass through your apartment.

Welcome Mat

Coat Rack or Wall Hooks

Some apartments have a closet adjacent to the door that you could utilize for coats. If your apartment lacks a coat closet, you’ll want to invest in wall hooks or a coat rack. Wall hooks can double to hold keys, but a coat rack can make for a nice accent to the foyer.

Coat Rack

Shoe/Stuff Storage

A small side table with a drawer can make your entryway a lot more useful for you. You will have a place to drop your keys, wallet, etc. Below, or to the side, you might consider a shoe rack to organize the area a bit better.

Foyer Table


Without ample lighting in your foyer, entering your own apartment can be a bit of a hassle. Make sure that you can easily see after getting in so that both you and your guests can feel comfortable from the start.

Foyer Lamp

Plants or Artwork

A small plant, a bit of wall art or a nice vase make for an additional aesthetic touch to your foyer. Again, it’s good to feel happy, comfortable and relaxed upon entering an apartment, so the visual touches really help.

Foyer Art

Apartments Necessities: Plant Life

Ever wondered how you can make your apartment come to life? How about adding some more life into the space (literally)?

Plants can do a lot for an apartment, from purifying the air to improving the look. Of course, choosing the right plants could be a bit difficult, especially if you haven’t had plants before. Make sure to do things right from the beginning to keep your plants alive and well!

Choose Plants for the Right Light

Snake Plant

Typically, with apartments, you’ll be dealing with low-light. So, you’ll want to choose plants that can thrive without a lot of sunlight, like snake plants or or peace lilies.

In contrast, with a high light scenario, you can get away with plants like ficus or bird of paradise plants.

Remember to Water!

Watering Plants

Surprisingly enough, plants can’t survive without water. So, set up a schedule or even input some reminders on your phone.

Make Plants into a Focal Point

Plant on Coffee Table

Placing plants on your coffee table, for example, makes them a centerpiece for the room. Not only will this help you with remembering to water, but it also creates a natural energy for the space.

Apartment Necessities: Music & Sound

There are some things that every apartment needs – and one of these things is music. More specifically, some way to listen to your music without needing headphones. You might also consider consolidating sound systems to get the more from less  in order to save space (instead of utilizing both an iPod dock and a home theatre system, you can consolidate by using one for both things).

Of course, some of your audio decisions will depend on your budget, but these days you can get great sound for a decent price. Here are a few ways to incorporate music and general audio into your apartment:

iPod Dock / Airplay Device

While many iPod docks are just that – a device with which you can listen to your iPod – some can incorporate your TV or films as well. The Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air (pictured below) has an input to easily connect a Blu-Ray or DVD player’s audio output. And with five speakers, it will easily fill an apartment living room with your favorite tunes or entertainment audio. Whatever device you look into, consider spending a bit extra if it means killing two birds with one stone.


Bookshelf Speakers / Sound System

If you really want to invest in some premium audio, you will want to consider bookshelf speakers or even an entire theatre sound system. In this case, you’ll need a audio/video receiver to connect all of the components. However, you will have a lot of customizable options and you can really get the sound that you want for your particular room.



While many view the classic record player as an outmoded audio device, true audiophiles will tell you that you get the most out of your music with through vinyl. While incorporating a turntable won’t save you any space, it will offer a neat visual piece to the room while giving you impeccable audio (assuming that you have well-kept vinyls and decent speakers).

Record Player