Three Things Thursday: Wire Control

Three Things Thursday: Wire Control

With all the tech gadgets we’re buying these days, your apartment can quickly turn from neat and clean to a rat’s nest of wires. Not only is it not visually appealing, but it’s usually a safety issue as well if you have wires protruding out into walking spaces. Here are three neat products that can tidy up your wires and send your rat’s nest packing.

Cable Twisters

These little twisters will wind up your wires and keep them all neatly organized together. They’re better than tape or zip ties, because they’re easy to put on and take off too.

Even better news – they’re cheap. A set of 3 usually only costs about $10, so you won’t have to break the bank for the sake of organization.

cable twisters


The Plug Hub

This neat little box sits on the floor below your desk and winds your extra cable length inside it – preventing the classic rat’s nest. It’s a pretty inconspicuous little box, so it won’t take up much space, but it definitely gets the job done.



This one’s a pretty good bargain too, selling for only $25.

Desk Cord Manager

If you have a lot of cables running from your computer, printer, phone and everything else on your desk, this one is perfect for you. The desk leg cord manager is a steal at only $9, and it’ll keep your ugly cords out of sight and looking fresh.

cord manager



Three Things Thursday: Apartment Inspiration

We know you might think our blog is a great source of inspiration for the interior design of your apartment, but there’s plenty of other places on the web to find inspiration as well. In today’s Three Things Thursday, we’re giving you some great places online to go when you need to get inspired and get ideas for spicing up your apartment.



Pinterest might be notorious as a place for wedding planning and baby pictures, but there’s tons of apartment inspiration there as well. If you’re looking for storage ideas, the latest trends in interior design, or something creative to hang on your walls, just do a simple search on Pinterest and see what comes back. There are sure to be thousands of results to get your inspiration flowing.

Apartment Therapy



ApartmentTherapy.com is the perfect place to go to keep up with interior styles and find DIY projects for your home – no matter what size it is. They keep content fresh with new updates every day, so you’ll always have plenty to browse through if you need some new ideas.



HGTV might be the king of interior design for the television world, but their website is pretty awesome too. They have huge photo galleries of designer rooms, kitchens, baths and everything in between as well as a section to help you through decorating your place. If you need to redesign a room or even your whole apartment, this is a perfect resource to use before you get started.


And if you just can’t get enough creative inspiration, you can always keep checking back in with the Kissling Blog.

Three Things Thursday: Desks for Your Apartment

In this week’s Three Things Thursday, we want to give you some inspiration for a better workspace in your home office. Some of you might not even have a home office in your apartment, but working from your bed or your dining room table are probably not the most productive alternatives, and most people work more efficiently when they have a dedicated place set aside for work. If you work in the same place you relax, your mind will have a hard time staying focused on the task at hand, and you could end up getting distracted by your TV while you work, or worse, getting distracted by work while watching TV.

Here are three different kinds of desks you could consider adding to your apartment for better productivity.

The Simple Table

Just because you’re looking for a dedicated surface to work on, you don’t have to silo yourself into a big complicated desk. Some people work better with a nice simple setup without a lot of drawers and clutter surrounding them. If this sounds like you, try getting yourself a simple table to work on. They’re usually modest in both price and size, so you won’t have to break the bank buying one, and it won’t take up your whole room either.

simple desk

The L-Shape

For people who need a lot of surface area to work on but still need to make efficient use of space, the L desk is perfect. Take that empty corner of your apartment and make it a productive work station. L-shaped desks come in all shapes and sizes too, so find one that fits your needs. If you’re already using the space for a desk, you might as well get one with drawers and cabinets to add some more storage space. And if space isn’t an issue, just find something that fits the personality of your pad.


The Standing Desk

The standing desk is a style that has really caught on in offices of late. Sitting for long periods of time can be both uncomfortable and unhealthy. If you’re trying to burn more calories while you work, or if sitting for long periods of time is ergonomically a problem for you, the standing desk is the way to go. Recent studies have also shown that people working at standing desks can be more productive, but it’s mostly a personal preference. If standing up for too long tires you out, you’ll probably start to lose focus on your work, so be sure to know what you’re getting into before you commit to standing all the time. You can always look for a tall chair or bar stool to sit on, or get a desk with adjustable height.

standing desk

If we’ve inspired you to go out and get another piece of furniture for your apartment, why not look right here in Buffalo for your perfect find? Some great local stores like Ro and Room are good alternatives to the same old places like Ikea.com or Office Max. So get out there and get productive.

Three Things Thursday: Iconic Chairs

A new addition to the Kissling Blog, our “Three Things Thursday” concept is simple: list three things in any given category for your inspiration. This week – iconic chairs.

I would like to say that every apartment or loft should have the following chairs. Sadly, these are not necessarily “consumer” chairs, but more of luxury modernist design statements. That being said, why let the outlandish prices stop you from inspiration or a used chair search? Keep an eye out, you never know if you will find one of these iconic pieces on Ebay, Craig’s List or elsewhere…

Out of the hundreds of iconic chairs from the modern age, I think that the following three work best with multiple styles of interior design than most others:

1 – The Eames Chair

The Eames Chair


You might recognize this particular model from a certain grumpy doctor’s office on TV a few years back (House, MD).

A true embodiment of modern aesthetics and function, this is certainly the most luxurious and comfortable of almost any chair in existence. With a rather high sticker price, you definitely get what you pay for in beautiful hard wood, plush leather and pure comfort.

2 – The Wassily Chair (B3 Model)

B3 Model

Don’t be fooled by the Wassily chair’s clunky, robotic look – it is incredibly comfortable. If you don’t believe me, check out Ró on Elmwood – last time I checked they had several of these on the floor. Comfy, cool looking (if a bit quirky) and definitely the more reasonably priced chair of the three in this post.

3 – Three-Legged Shell Chair

Three-Legged Shell Chair


Created by the late, highly-regarded furniture designer Hans Wegner, this piece features no synthetic materials (assuming that you don’t go with a knock-off model). A very pleasant addition to a small space, you’ll be sure to either impress guests or enjoy some solo time with a book in this chair.