Wednesday Boardom – “Modern Coffee Tables” by Michael Habachy

Wednesday Boardom – “Modern Coffee Tables” by Michael Habachy

Coffee Table 1

One piece of furniture that really brings an apartment or loft together – even defining the room – is the coffee table. While the couch or the entertainment center take up more real estate in a room, the coffee table gets seen more than the couch (since when you sit on a couch, you don’t see it) and you typically have more physical interaction with a coffee table than your entertainment center (setting cups down, flipping through magazines or coffee table books, etc.).

So, this week we feature a Pinterest Board full of coffee tables. Maybe you haven’t found the perfect coffee table as of yet. If that’s the case, check out “Modern Coffee Tables” from Michael Habachy, which includes the following pieces:

Coffee Table 2

Coffee Table 3

Coffee Table 4

Depending on your style of needs, you might want a coffee table the stresses functionality over cool appearance for your Buffalo apartment. Of, maybe functionality isn’t your main concern. Either way, this board will give you some good ideas, some of which even link to site where you can make a purchase. Pretty sweet!

Wednesday Boardom – “Industrial Architecture” by Matt McDermott

Since the industrial look fits so well with our Buffalo lofts, we decided to highlight Matt McDermott’s “Industrial Architecture” Pinterest board. It features a ton of really cool interiors:

Industrial Apartment Interior


This highlights a few interior design styles in addition to the industrial feel. But the rustic leather, with the exposed concrete floor, as well as the cast iron table structure beneath the large metal lights really work for a nice industrial feel, overall.

Industrial Living Space


Exposed weathered hardwood flooring with a neutral area rug, exposed brick walls, wooden ceiling with antique metal lighting fixtures, weathered leather seating and an antique refrigerator. This could be the perfect living space.

Industrial Minimalism

And lastly, this serves as an example of minimalism in the industrial look. The ceiling to floor sliding metal door really highlights the look, alongside the concrete flooring and generally open space.

Wednesday Boardom – “Apartment Design” by Mary Fierro

We are here again with another Pinterest Board to follow: “Apartment Design” by Mary Fierro. It’s a fairly eclectic board, but I saw a lot of arrangements that would work for our Buffalo apartments:

Reclaimed Platform Bed


I can’t really be sure, but I’m pretty positive that this bed frame is made from “upcycled” shipping pallets. Besides that inventive use of reclaimed material, I also dig the colors, fur comforter and printed area rug.

Antique Dresser


Restored antique pieces like this dresser can really compliment a modern look for an apartment. Of course, they also work great as additions to a Victorian look.

Wood Table

This is a very good example of color coordination in a room. Notice how the red tones show up in the shades, area rug and accent pieces on the bookshelf. Plus, the rustic wood desk is just cool – simple, functional and beautiful.

Wednesday Boardom – “Apartment Design” by Kari Günther

Kari Günther’s “Apartment Design” board features a lot of plant life in various apartment interiors:

Table with Plant

In addition to the small plant, this farmhouse-style table makes for a great, natural look, especially alongside the simple leather sofa and the print area rug.


The hanging plants and the tree stump coffee table really give this space a feeling of life, nature and comfort. Very cool.


Again, more plants, this time spread throughout the kitchen. The place almost looks like a greenhouse!

With it being spring, it’s a good time to get some plants to bring into your Buffalo apartment. Get them growing nice a strong through the summer and they shouldn’t have a problem growing through the winter too!

Wednesday Boardom – “Industrial Architecture” by David-Vincent Bone

I’m not entirely sure how active this Pinterest account is, but David-Vincent Bone’s “Industrial Architecture” board has some really neat work in it – some of which reminds us of our various Buffalo loft apartments.

Industrial Architecture


I’m not entirely certain what the above photo is, but it’s definitely emblematic of the industrial style, showing both concrete and brick, alongside hardwood flooring and large glass sliding doors. Very cool, whatever it is.

Industrial Kitchen


Again, brick and concrete. But this kitchen also features sturdy metal appliances and a nice stone countertop.

Industrial Bathroom


While you probably won’t find a bathtub quite like this one in Buffalo, but I had to include it because it’s so unique. Very cool, relaxing bathroom with it’s minimalism and very functional in its industrialism.

Wednesday Boardom – “Interior Design” by Design Collector

Continuing with our Wednesday Pinterest Board feature, we will take a look at “Interior Design” by Design Collector. This board features a lot of modern design, some of which resembling Kissling’s Buffalo loft interiors. Many of these concepts can be applied to our Buffalo apartments as well…



Notice how cool the above space looks, yet there’s not much to it. Everything looks as if it belongs there, and it feels very comfortable, even as a photograph.


Modern + Vintage


Notice the juxtaposition of the classic looking sofa with mostly “modern” pieces surrounding it. Sometimes this can be difficult to pull off, but it’s definitely doable with the right ratio or classic to modern.




A lot of apartments and lofts have random nooks, and it can be difficult to figure out how to utilize the space. This is a great example: a small table, a few accents and a bit of art. You can throw your keys, bag or whatever on the table, and it makes for a subtle bit of charm in what could be an otherwise charmless part of a room.