What. Have. You. DONE? 5 Mistakes First Time Renters Make

What. Have. You. DONE? 5 Mistakes First Time Renters Make

Apartments and lofts are popping up all around Buffalo. It seems like just about every building that looked dead and gone as soon as last year are being bought, transformed, and beautified by that good ole’ Buffalo Billion. If you’re new to the area, moving off campus from one of the great WNY colleges, or just moving out of Mom & Dads, your first time renting an apartment can be downright daunting. In addition to providing lofts and apartments all over the city, we like to help renters out by providing little tips and reminders here on our blog. Here are 5 mistakes that many first time renters make, and what to do to avoid them!

No Budget.

So many first time renters fail to recognize exactly how much rent and other expenses add up to. Perhaps you could afford the rent on the loft downtown, but don’t forget about utilities. Odds are, depending on what apartment building in Buffalo you live, you will have to pay for things like water, electric, Netflix, Gym membership, cable, internet, etc. Maybe this is your first time renting, but if you don’t add up everything the right way, it might be your last.

Signing Too Fast.

Take your time! This is a big move for you! Yes, you may be super excited to get everything moved in and start your new life. This should be exciting! But don’t rush into a place, take your time and find the perfect apartment for you. There certainly isn’t a shortage of lofts and apartments around Buffalo, so look around. Ask questions. Visit different areas. Spend some time cruising around the neighborhood. If you put down a deposit, and something falls through, be it a roommate or your timeline doesn’t line up, you’re going to be SOL. Just be patient and ensure everything’s properly prepared for.

Signing Blind.

Don’t always judge an apartment based on pictures. Yes, online features can help you better understand the general environment of the place. However, if you sign a lease without physically checking the place out, you’re playing with fire. Again, this is obviously an exciting time to be alive, we get it. You have to check the place out. You might end up realizing the place was tiny. Maybe it stinks. Maybe there’s a creepy old guy who sits on the porch with no shirt on everyday at 5pm when you get home from work. Check. It. out.

Not Reading ALL the Rules.

This is one of the biggest mistakes a first time renter can make. Read ALL of the rules before signing any apartment lease. The apartment building has rules, which your property tour guide will probably hint at, but it’s not their responsibility for you to read the rules on the lease. You don’t want to get all moved in and find out you can’t use your brand new grill. Do you have a pooch? That might be an issue. Smoker? Not up in here! Take your time and read all of the apartment building’s rules.

Poor Planning.

Do you have a big sectional? Better make sure it’ll fit up that staircase. Some of the older buildings might not have room for your king size mattress to take the turn. A chronic apartment-shifter might know from experience moving, but first time renters can get so lost in the anxiety and excitement that they can miss crucial details. While your looking at the loft/apartment, try to imagine where you would put all your furniture

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