frIDay Interior Design: Bohemian

frIDay Interior Design: Bohemian

When the term Bohemian is used, it’s usually in the context of describing something as unconventional and “artsy.” When used to describe a specific style of interior design, the same description applies, but the results are soothing and quite beautiful.

For example:

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As you can see, the style is anything but restrictive. There are many paths a Bohemian-inspired home can take. There are just a few design tips to keep in mind.

1- Have plants, and lots of them.

Green is one of the key colors when it comes to Boho interior design. The style rests on an earthy color palette (think greens, browns, oranges) with splashes of vibrancy. Not only is the color green soothing and natural, but the oxygen produced by the plants is good for air quality- and it just feels good to be living in a space with other living things.

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2- Pillows a must.

First of all, pillow shopping is probably the most fun shopping experience there is due to the seemingly endless array of textures, colors, patterns and prints. Secondly, the pillows will set the comfortable mood of your apartment, making you feel like you’re walking into a personal oasis everyday. You can go eclectic or streamlined, it’s up to you. And that’s the beauty of Boho.

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3-Low furniture.

In order to keep maximum room for wall furnishings, plants and canopies, keep your furniture low to the ground. It add levels and makes your space more visually interesting.

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Think a Bohemian makeover is right for you? Give it a try by following these few simple instructions. Even if you don’t go full fledged Boho, perhaps your new decor will inspire you to break down some mental walls and feel more creative within your space.