frIDay Interior Design: Coastal

frIDay Interior Design: Coastal

You know the feeling you get when you come back from a stay at the beach? Relaxed, energized, laid back. Now imagine having that feeling all year round, sans the sand.

Coastal interior design isn’t just for those who live by the sea. Sure, the nautical elements often used work well within beach cottages and cabins, but there’s so much more to coastal interior design.

Coastal design would allow you to keep a piece of summer with you throughout the harsh Buffalo winters that many of us know all too well. The soft, beachy colors and effortless flow of the space may even trick your mind into thinking you’re coming home to an oceanside paradise everyday.

Kissling coastal 3

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Since Buffalo is far from coastal living, you may feel the need to limit, or even eliminate, the use of anchors, oars, coral and other sea-related objects. And while there are many color palettes you can choose from — whether capitalizing more on white, blue or a light tan — regardless of the colors and items you choose to incorporate, there are some tips you should keep in mind for your newly coastal space.

1-Don’t get caught on one color.

You don’t want to drown out a space by overloading it with one color. For example:

Kissling too white

Incorporating other sections of the color spectrum can go a long way.

Kissling color

Kissling white

2- Coastal design is just that.
Think nautical; think maps. But put a new twist on them, perhaps by cutting them into shapes and framing them.

Kissling maps

3- Weathered wood.

Not only does it add a rustic feel to the space, but a natural and soothing one.

Kissling weathered wood

4- Bring outdoors in.

Wicker chairs and tables that may be traditionally utilized outdoors have their space within a coastal home.

Kissling wicker

With all that being said, don’t be afraid to trust your instincts and be cliche if need be. As long as you can feel the fresh air and picture the waves coming in, you’ll have done it right.

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