frIDay Interior Design: Industrial

frIDay Interior Design: Industrial

The industrial interior design style stresses functionality – to some extent. That doesn’t mean that this particular style doesn’t look cool, though. In fact, the rustic and stripped down nature of the industrial aesthetic looks very cool, modern and comfortable, especially in spaces that already feature a bare-bones appeal (such as loft style apartments).


Practically then, how can you pull off an industrial look in your Buffalo apartment?


1 – Expose the Innards

Okay, that could sound a bit weird out of context. But, you’ll remember it, right?

With an industrial look, don’t be afraid to show of the framework of a couch or the underlying brick/wood structures of your walls. Industrialism stresses the beauty of how things work. So, if you buy an antique chair that needs new upholstery: apply new fabric to the cushion and seat back, but feel free to leave the side of the chair open – like this piece from Restoration Hardware:


You can apply the same concepts to flooring as well – exposing concrete with scattered area rugs really helps the look.


2 – Stick to Neutral Colors

As you might have gathered from the previous photos, neutral colors tend to work best in an industrial interior:



Brown, tan, gray, beige, white, black. These colors provide the majority of color in an industrial space because raw materials (wood, concrete, leather) tend to feature them pretty heavily.

Other colors come in by way of accents. Keep furniture, walls and shelving neutral, then you have a lot of room to work with in your accent colors.


3 – Lots of Metal & Wooden Pieces

You’ll notice a lot of lighting fixtures that rely on heavy metal elements in their structure:



You will also notice pieces that utilize both cast iron and wood (like the table above).

Keep in mind that a lot more goes into industrialism than we’ve covered here. But, if you keep to these basics, you’ll probably be off to a good start.

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