frIDay Interior Design: Modern Organic

frIDay Interior Design: Modern Organic

Perhaps you’ve heard about the Organic Modern interior design style and want to give it a shot. Maybe you’ve never even heard about it and are about to get inspired.

organic modern couch

What was once a popular style back in the 1940’s and 50’s went under the radar for quite some time, but has resurfaced as a popular interior design option today. The clean and open layout may lend itself to a space more conducive to the creative process by ridding the area of distractions and filling it with a natural ambiance.

While this style could be referred to as “shabby chic” to the novice interior designer, there’s nothing shabby about it. There are some things to keep in mind when it comes to turning your space Organic Modern:

1- Be neutral.

organic modern stand

Let your color palette be that of the colors in the woods. Think tree bark, grass, moss and soil. Stray from bright colors as they can break apart the soothing ambiance.

2-Use texture.

organic modern table

Linen, burlap, flax — they are all your friends. Sometimes life can be rough, as your textures can be. Provide a good mix.

3-Most importantly, be natural.

Organic modern plants

Don’t incorporate any plastic furniture in your space. Try to have as many items that look like they were inspired by nature as possible. Plastic sends a sterile vibe that just clashes with the style in an Organic Modern home.

So when you think Organic Modern, think rustic, but with a modern flair. Once you partake in your Organic Modern interior design adventure, your space will start to shape itself.