frIDay Interior Design: Zen

frIDay Interior Design: Zen

The “Zen” interior look stresses minimalism, openness and blurring the line between interior and exterior. A more open layout, such as a loft, could easily fit within the Zen appeal, though with some work any apartment could also work.

How can you develop a Zen look in your apartment?

Natural, Soft Colors

Stick to colors that regular occur in nature for the most part. Really, you can incorporate any colors you like, but certain neutral/natural colors should be the foundation – especially on the walls.

Natural & Neutral


Limit/Eliminate the Clutter

Remember, openness is the key, so lots of clutter will really ruin the aesthetic. Keep things minimal and optimize your space as much as possible.


Bring in Something Natural

Any room with a Zen appeal should have something growing in it. It cleans the air and complements the open feel, allowing for a relaxing energy in the space.

Natural Growth

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