Big Trouble in a Little Apartment? Making the Most of a Small Space

Big Trouble in a Little Apartment? Making the Most of a Small Space

Who says you can’t live large in a small apartment? Maybe you just transitioned from living with a few friends into solo apartment life. Maybe you and your ex decided to call it quits. Maybe you just had to downsize for cost. Regardless, here you are in your new apartment, and it’s small. Before you have a panic attack and start watching the walls close in on you, take a quick look at these pointers on how to make the most out of a studio or one bedroom apartment.

Check Your Curtains

Elevate your curtains a few inches. This will give the feeling of high ceilings. If you extend your curtain rod a few inches outward on each side of the windows, you can let in a little more light. Not only will it make your apartment feel larger, but the brightness will help with the mood.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

A large mounted mirror can do wonders for a small space. It can make the room extend through the frame and give the illusion of more space. Also, it helps bring more light into the equation, helping the mood. Try a floor length mood to make the room feel taller, or turn a vertical mood sideways to make the wall look longer.

Lighten the Mood

When you’re trapped inside in a dark gloomy space, your apartment can start to feel like more of a psyche ward cell. We live in Buffalo, we are going to be stuck inside this winter. Try to use a crisp, light color scheme. You can maximize this by coordinating your sofa, throw rugs, and curtains with bright colors. This will help make your sweet little pad more inviting and pleasant.

Shelf Life

You don’t have room for clutter. Get some of your clutter and knick knacks up on a shelf. For a modern look, look around for some floating shelves. You can find some neat ideas at local thrift stores to give a cool vintage look. If you really want to get creative, look into gluing a few old books together. Attach L shaped mounting hooks to the bottom so you can have a one of a kind shelf.

Functional Furnishings

You downsized your square footage, so you’re going to have to downsize your furniture. Be smart about where you position your furniture. You might not be able to use everything you had at your last place, but you can maximize your space. If you have a smaller one-bedroom, or a studio apartment, think about a sofa bed for more space, and ability to host and entertain guests.

Hopefully this helps you with making your small apartment in Buffalo feel more spacious, inviting, and comfortable. Looking to move into a new apartment? Call Kissling apartments to see what we have available! Or, just visit our properties page to take a quick look at some of our spaces. Live Large Buffalo!

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