4 Winter Apartment Cleaning Tips You Probably Forget

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4 Winter Apartment Cleaning Tips You Probably Forget

4 Winter Apartment Cleaning Tips You Probably Forget

New Year, New Cleaning Habits

2016 is a fresh start for everyone in Buffalo. Some may change their eating habits, quit smoking, or begin a rigorous exercise regiment, but what about that messy apartment? Whether you live with someone else in Buffalo or alone, your loft or apartment is probably not ship shape. What a better time to to change the way your apartment Buffalo? Here are 5 often forgotten about tips on how to freshen up those Buffalo apartments, and relieve the cabin fever.

The Out of Reach Areas

These are the areas that no one likes to clean. They involve far too much effort and no one ever sees it anyway right? Wrong. The dust and grime buildup in out of reach area hurt the air quality of your Buffalo apartment, especially during the winter, when we are sealed up indoors with all the windows shut. Devote time to the top of your fridge & the back corners of your cabinets. Dust first, then sanitize. Don’t forget about behind the fridge. You might want to invest in some rubber gloves.


Older apartments and lofts around Buffalo can collect dust on and around baseboards. Dust collects far more in the winter, with less air flow. Before you do your standard sweeping, mopping, or vacuuming, give the baseboards a once over. Not only will it look better, but it will eliminate dust buildup.

That Old Mattress

Clean & Flip the old trusty mattress. First, wash your sheets that probably need it. Take the vacuum to the mattress and eliminate any crumbs or other remnants of bed food. Anyone stuck inside their apartments in Buffalo NY knows how many meals end up in the comfort of swaddling blankets while binge watching Netflix. Sprinkle a little baking soda on any stains, followed by a little dish soap or peroxide. Once you’re all cleaned up, flip and rotate the mattress 180 degrees to prevent sagging.

Lights & Ceiling Fans

In another effort to improve the air quality of your apartment in Buffalo, don’t forget about the dust up above. Common surfaces like end tables and headboards are seen so often that it becomes necessary to clean to avoid embarrassment, but the ceiling fixtures aren’t so noticeable. Dust the overhead light fixtures, fan blades, and any other lighting. Use a ladder, and try to use a spotter!
So there you have it Buffalo, a few things to remember when you clean up your apartment. Remember, a clean apartment is a happy apartment!

Brighten Up: 3 Lighting Solutions for Your Apartment

Apartment lighting determines a huge part of the character of your living space, and you might feel like there are limited options out there to introduce some better light into your rooms, but don’t underestimate your choices! Your Kissling blog friends have some new ideas for you to consider that might help you find the right solution. A quick note before we dive in though: some of these ideas are a little invasive, so make sure to clear any serious construction with your friendly management staff before you start drilling into walls and making other significant or destructive changes.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights are fixtures that are actually built right into the ceiling, and they’re great for apartments with lower ceilings. Recessed lights can also shed a softer light on your space that helps to brighten things up without being too intense. They’re a great alternative to fluorescent ceiling lighting that can be just too overwhelming.



Track Lighting

Track lighting is a great change-up from your typical ceiling-hung light fixtures or standing lamps. It’s just a simple mounting system that holds lights suspended from the ceiling, but often allows for the freedom to change the direction of the light or adjust the lamps. If you have a DIY feel to your apartment, track lighting might be a perfect pairing since it shows off a little more hardware than typical light fixtures.


track lighting


Wall Sconces

Wall-mounted lamps are another great example of a lighting solution for people with low ceilings or smaller apartments. They can also help with the direction and distribution of light in your room. Wall lamps aimed up at the ceiling will help diffuse light throughout your space and brighten up a room without being too intense.


sconce lighting



See! We told you that you’d have more options than you thought.



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