Apartments, Lofts, & Rebirth: Buffalo’s Housing Market is Red Hot

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Apartments, Lofts, & Rebirth: Buffalo’s Housing Market is Red Hot

Apartments, Lofts, & Rebirth: Buffalo’s Housing Market is Red Hot

If you were to drive through Buffalo NY 10, 15, 20 years ago, you’d experience a lonely city desperate for a facelift. Old industrial buildings featuring the scars of a booming industrial city of yesteryear. Multi unit houses in need of a facelift and starved for a little TLC. Today the housing market sits as high and competitive as it has been in Buffalo’s rich history. Buffalo is booming, and Kissling sits right at the forefront of the rebirth of our eclectic Rust Belt city.

According to WGRZ, the average home is now selling for $120,000, and the average rent for apartments in Buffalo New York is at $739 a month. Lucrative new companies, a youthful new generation of Buffalonians sticking around after college, and an ever increasing concoction of culture have increased the value of living downtown.

With so much competition for housing, and an upsurge in desire for upscale lofts in Buffalo NY, Kissling has been making moves for new style of life downtown. Representatives of Kissling recently spoke with the Buffalo News about the future of 298 Main, an early 1900s property in the process of becoming some of the finest apartments for rent in Buffalo.

“We are excited not only for the redevelopment of this historic building, but also for the future of Buffalo. This location provides us the opportunity to craft a work/live lofts environment that we believe is key to reversing urban blight and making city living exciting again.”

Kissling bringing a chic, Big Apple feel to downtown Buffalo

WGRZ also had things to say about what else will be featured within the historic building, in addition to the penthouse apartments and high end lofts.

The building will also have valet parking, and someone staffing the concierge desk 16 hours a day, seven days a week. Two of the lofts will be penthouse apartments with spectacular views and private rooftop patios.

For more information on 298 Main or any of our Buffalo apartments of lofts, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Stay tuned for more updates from Kissling Interests, providing Buffalo with apartments and lofts for years to come!

2015 Annual Toy Donation for Children’s Hospital

Kissling would like to thank everyone who helped make the 2015 Annual Children’s Hospital Toy Donation successful. Your donations will help to make a child’s day this holiday season.

How successful ? We’ll let you be the judge! Check out these photos!


Kapts.com is your source for finding primer apartments and lofts in Buffalo NY. Thanks again to everyone who donated! You ensured many kids will have a very Merry Christmas!

Buffalo Apartment Hunting Season | 4 Questions to Remember

Buffalo Apartment Hunting Season | 4 Questions to Remember

It’s time to move. You’ve begun hunting for the next best place to live. You don’t want to jump on the first Buffalo apartment you find on craigslist and call it home do you? This is going to be your new crib, so why not make sure that it’s perfect for you? Here are a few important things to ask when you go to look at a new apartment or loft in Buffalo.

Where Do I Park?

Buffalo NY. Home of the most hard working parking attendants in the country. If you’re looking at apartments or lofts in the city of Buffalo, be sure to scope out the parking situation. Do you have off street parking? Examine the signage, and available street spots. Does it seem tricky getting in and out? Think about the plow coming through town if you do have to park on the street. If you aren’t a morning person, you might not want to have to get up at 8am to move your car in the winter.

Will I Be Safe?

We’ve all seen a movie depicting our worst nightmare, a home invasion. Unless your dad is Liam Neison, you’re going to want proper protection. When you go look at your potential new place, check out the loft or apartment’s locking mechanisms and security systems. How about the windows, are they locked and protected properly? Also scope out the surrounding neighborhood, do you feel safe? Could you see yourself walking around this neighborhood?

Can My Cat Chill?

No one likes letting go of a loved one. Especially when they have fur and their really cuddly. If you’re on the prowl for your new perfect place, make sure your pet can come too. First off, ask about the specific apartment or loft about the pet policy. Consider if your pet would be comfortable here. Check how much the deposit is if there is one. Consider the cost of cleaning when you move out. Again, consider the safety of the neighborhood for walking your pooch at night.

Does Everything Work?

It’s easy to get excited on an apartment hunt. Before you sign your lease, take one more look at the functionality of everything. Consider any water systems, ie: shower, faucets, drains, laundry machines, etc. There’s nothing worse than moving into your brand new Buffalo apartment and realizing the toilet doesn’t flush AFTER you christened it for the first time. Also examine the electrical outlets. Do they look new and functional? Is the apartment cable-ready? IF there are appliances give those a good inspection as well.

Hopefully this helps you remember a few extra things when you look at your next Buffalo apartment or loft. These are all things that are easy to overlook outside of the traditional common questions and concerns. For more information on finding a new Buffalo Loft or apartment around WNY, Contact Kissling!


Fallout From Moving In The Fall | Finding Buffalo Apartments

Close Proximity to Buffalo

Summer is practically an afterthought, leaving Buffalonians forced to prepare for another delightful Buffalo winter. You’ve decided to move into a new apartment, but you failed to get out before the Fall.  If you failed to force yourself to get out before the leaves began to change, here are a few reminders about finding a new home in the fall.

1. Location.

First of all, where in Buffalo are you looking to live? You may have a particular area in mind, based on the personality of the neighborhood, or the convenience of the location. Evaluate your commute to your most visited locations, ie: work, friends, bars, the gym. How long will it take for you to get to these locations from your new apartment? Considering you’re moving after summer ends you’ve got to add on about 5-10 minutes in “snowtravel.” How close are your vital stops? Gas stations, drug stores, grocery stores, laundry.

2. Comfort.

Buffalo has a lot of different living situations, and some may be better suited for in-and-out summer living. Forget it. When you look at Buffalo apartments for rent, remember you’re going to need to hunker down. You’re going to need a cozy cabin to survive your Buffalo cabin fever. When checking out new apartments in Buffalo NY, examine the space. Can you see yourself comfortable within the confines of this new abode? Another thing to remember when looking at Buffalo apartments, heat. Is the heating up to date? Is heat adjustable? Included in rent? Is there enough storage? Ask prior resident or property manager about pricing and temperature. Prepare for hibernatable climate conditions.

3. Parking.

If you have lived in Buffalo, odds are you’ve gotten a parking ticket. There’s nothing worse than having to get up at the crack of dawn in sub zero temperature to move your car to the other side of the street for fear of paying $30 for being parked 6 feet from legality for 9 minutes. Examine your potential new Buffalo apartment’s parking situation. Off street parking is a get out of jail free card, but if that isn’t an option,  examine walking distance/availability of parking. Consider plows. If you have off street parking, you’ll need a shovel, to get you  in and out. If you don’t, consider how far you’ll have to move your car before you consider where you’re going to buy a new driver’s side mirror.

4. Roommate(s).

As mentioned, Buffalo weather requires hunker down hibernation. Consider your choices carefully. Whether you’re moving in with your soulmate, your best friends, or that person who responded to your craigslist ad, this person-or people-will be key in maintaining stable mental activity. Whether you like it or not, you’ll be trapped inside your apartment with this person. Choose someone who will help rather than hinder your Buffalo winter.

5. Style.

Comfort is key, but is this new crib somewhere you could create a cool cabin? Find a Buffalo apartment that you can see yourself being able to transform into a place you WANT to be trapped in. Take into account the layout, space, and capacity to customize. Can you paint? Can you mount that 42” TV to the wall? If you’re high tech, is there ample electrical outlets? Comfort is nice and necessary, but a cool space in the winter is clutch.

To find your next Buffalo Apartment, Contact Kissling.

Need Help Choosing Between Buffalo Apartments?

Need Help Choosing Between Buffalo Apartments?

If you’re starting the Buffalo apartment hunt process and don’t know what to expect or what to look for, we’re here to help! Finding a new living space can be overwhelming for a newbie, so here are a few simple tips to keep in mind as you hunt for that perfect Buffalo NY apartment for rent.

Keep Your Budget in Mind

Experts have said for years that 30-35% of your monthly take-home pay is a good range to aim for when considering rent and housing expenses. So if you take home $2000 per month, you should aim for something in the $600 range, and so on. If you don’t have a budget set for your self on a monthly basis, you might want to sit down and think things out before you commit to an apartment lease. The 30-35% rule is usually a safe reference, but if you already have an auto payment that takes way more of your budget than you can sustain, you don’t want to splurge on Buffalo apartments either. Find what will work best for you in your own situation and then start searching for Buffalo apartments from there.

Find a Good Landlord

At The Kissling Interests, we really try to provide the best professional service possible to our tenants. Living in a situation where you don’t get along with your landlord can be extremely difficult, and it can turn a great apartment in Buffalo NY into a stressful mess very quickly. Before you sign anything, make sure you’re comfortable with the lessor of the apartment, and ensure a good relationship for the life of your lease.

Get Enough Space

Having enough space for yourself is a very important factor in in your search for apartments for rent in Buffalo. If you feel cramped and cluttered in your apartment, your experience will suffer, and you’ll regret not finding someplace with more room. If budgeting prevents you from affording the extra space, try to find a roommate that you can split the bill with. Buffalo Apartments are often easier to afford by adding a bedroom and sharing common spaces with roommates. That’s not to say you should cram 6 people into a 2 bedroom apartment, but talk to your landlord about your options, and see if finding a roommate would make things more affordable.

Buffalo apartments


If you need more guidance on your search for Buffalo Apartments, just give us a call! We’re happy to review some of our housing options with you, and make sure you’re on the right path.

Buffalo Apartment Necessities: Storage

Even in some of our most luxuriously spacious Buffalo apartments, finding the right storage to keep all your things in neat order is an important task. You might have a lot of free space around your place now, but unless you find a good way to organize the little things, your space can get cluttered and out of control fast. So, to give you some inspiration to get creative with your storage, we’ve put together some cool ideas that will help you save space and also keep your apartment looking great.

Under the Bed

No, we’re not talking about just shoving all the clutter on the floor of your room right under your bed. We’re talking about real, under-the-bed storage space. Getting a bed that comes with drawer storage underneath is a great way to maximize space in your room. These beds can be expensive, but if you can’t afford it, don’t let that hold you back. It can be easy and fun to take on a new DIY project, and building a platform for your bed that includes lots of space for storage will pay for itself when you aren’t tripping over things on your floor. If you need some guidance, the internet is an endless expanse of helpful tips, so get out there and explore.


Bike Storage

There’s nothing worse than having to store your bike right in the middle of your living room or bedroom and having to step around it as you walk through your apartment. Since a lot of our apartments for rent are nestled deep in Buffalo biking territory, plenty of our tenants are probably faced with this problem. The answer might be simpler than you think. Go to your local hardware store and check out the shelving and hooks they have available. Building a wall-mount for your bike is probably easier than you think, and you’ll love the extra space you’ll have after you get your bike off the floor. Your solution doesn’t have to be destructive to the wall either. Try getting some Command strips and hanging your hooks with a solution that won’t leave damage to the wall when you’re done.


Shelving and Boxes

Storage shelves and dressers don’t have to be big and expensive to get the job done. There are plenty of cool ways to arrange pre-built or custom-made shelving around your place to maximize space and give you plenty of room to store things. Check out this great asymmetrical shelving unit that was built using wooden boxes and a ratchet strap – all easily attainable items.

asymetrical boxes

So if you’re struggling to find enough storage for everything in your apartment, give these ideas a try and get creative. And if you really can’t fit all your stuff into your living space, maybe it’s time for an upgrade! Check out our apartments for rent in Buffalo and find the perfect floor plan for you.

Apartment Necessities – Shelving

Whether or not you are an avid reader, you’ll want bookshelves in your apartment. You have photo frames, artwork, knick knacks and other random items that need somewhere to go. Many of these things work much better on display than they do hidden in boxes or closets.

Of course, depending on your space, different shelving systems might work, while others might not. Consider these common solutions for your apartment:


These shelves can work in almost any space and offer the most freedom as to location, size and even look. Keep in mind that, if you do not find wall studs for installation, you will need to utilize anchors (which will usually indicate a weight capacity for load bearing).

Floating Shelf


Freestanding bookshelves are probably the most common, as they are easy to use and typically have a greater capacity for storage. Keep in mind that you can easily put together a DIY bookshelf using reclaimed equipment like ladders, especially if the look would suit your particular style.

Ladder Bookshelf


Some apartments might feature little corner nooks or recessed walls. In this case, you might be able to install floating shelves into the recess with a “built-in” look to them. This way, you avoid the need for bookends and make for a clever use in an otherwise difficult to utilize corner (keep in mind that you’ll want to make these easily removable, since you are in a rented space).

Built In

frIDay Interior Design: Which Window Treatments Work for You?

Let’s be honest – window treatments are boring. But, a room that lacks window treatments is also boring. They might not be flashy or fun to talk about, but window treatments really add a lot to a room, especially in apartments. You often don’t have the option to paint or install various customizations to an apartment space. But, with window treatments, you can add a lot of personality with very little effort on your part.


If you like a more bohemian look, you can get really creative with your windows. The look above could easily be accomplished through some eclectic DIY.

Vintage / Antique Window Treatments


Of course, if you like a classic appeal, you can try out vintage or antique treatments. How easy these are to find could vary, but you might find some really neat pieces in consignment, antique or good will stores.

Modern Window Treatments


On the flip side – clean cut and straight lines make for good accents in a modern or industrial space.

Apartment Necessities – Furnishing The Foyer

The foyer will be the first thing that your guests see in your apartment, so you’ll want to make a good impression. Depending on your space’s layout, you will have more or less to work with. However, the same principles apply to both a utilitarian and beautiful foyer:

A Welcome Mat

The welcome mat’s main purpose is to get dirt off of shoes. So, it does not need to say “welcome” on it, but it should make it easier to avoid tracking mud, snow or grass through your apartment.

Welcome Mat

Coat Rack or Wall Hooks

Some apartments have a closet adjacent to the door that you could utilize for coats. If your apartment lacks a coat closet, you’ll want to invest in wall hooks or a coat rack. Wall hooks can double to hold keys, but a coat rack can make for a nice accent to the foyer.

Coat Rack

Shoe/Stuff Storage

A small side table with a drawer can make your entryway a lot more useful for you. You will have a place to drop your keys, wallet, etc. Below, or to the side, you might consider a shoe rack to organize the area a bit better.

Foyer Table


Without ample lighting in your foyer, entering your own apartment can be a bit of a hassle. Make sure that you can easily see after getting in so that both you and your guests can feel comfortable from the start.

Foyer Lamp

Plants or Artwork

A small plant, a bit of wall art or a nice vase make for an additional aesthetic touch to your foyer. Again, it’s good to feel happy, comfortable and relaxed upon entering an apartment, so the visual touches really help.

Foyer Art

frIDay Interior Design: The Dining Room

Dining rooms can be a bit tricky, especially in apartments. In lofts, you might have some more space to be creative, but sometimes in apartments you are just working with what you have.

However, if you take some simple considerations into account, your apartment dining area can be stylish and useful.

Dining Room


Before doing anything, assess the space in your dining area. Do you have an entire room or do you need to fit your dining table into a kitchen or other room? How large of a table can your space afford? How many chairs do you need and how many chairs can you actually have. Noting all of this will make it easier as you get to work.

Dual Purpose

Will your dining area end up making for a good home office? If so, you may want to choose a table and chairs with ergonomics to accommodate longer durations of sitting, typing, writing and so on.


Candle Lit Dining

You’ll want to have good ambient lighting in your dining area, but you’ll also want to make sure that you have brighter lights available, in case ambient lighting isn’t enough.

Chair Count

Based on the space, your family and frequency of having guests, you will end up choosing more or less chairs. Keep in mind that you can always store extra chairs elsewhere in the case of additional diners.


When you have the logistics figured out, then you can decide on a style. If you have a small space, a utilitarian style, such as industrial or modern might suit you well, as it will make it easier to save space and suit several purposes.

Modern Dining