Beyond the Wall: Creative Uses for Wallpaper

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Beyond the Wall: Creative Uses for Wallpaper

When you sign the lease on your apartment, there can be limitations that come along with the living space, and as a result, you can’t always paint walls or put up wallpaper wherever you’d like. At The Kissling Interests, we try to be as flexible as possible with our tenants, but we also try to assure that our future tenants will enjoy the best experience possible as well, so we have to institute certain rules. So if you found some wallpaper that you absolutely love, but can’t use it on your walls, here are some great ways to be creative and spice up your apartment.

Frame It

Some wallpaper is artistic enough to stand on its own without having to rely on the wall behind it. If you can find a particularly cool pattern or even a mural-style design, find some good frames and go for it. You’ll save some money as opposed to buying a painting, so this solution is perfect for your walls and your wallet.




Paper Your Furniture

This idea is perfect if you have an old shelf or dresser that’s looking a little worse for wear. Try using wallpaper right on your furniture to provide an accent and liven things up a bit. If you work within the color palettes of your rooms, you can find a nice, bold accent color to really make things pop, or work with a softer complement color to help tie things together.





In the same way you can bring a room to life with wallpaper on your dressers, you can really make a statement with a DIY lampshade. Find a look that fits your style and give it a try! You’ll never know if it’ll work or not until you see it live, and doing it yourself is a lot cheaper than buying an expensive lamp to accent your room.




These cool ideas are just a start for your inspiration. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, and if you aren’t sure if something will violate your lease, you can always call the friendly staff at our management office. Happy papering!

frIDay Interior Design: Utilizing Reclaimed Wood

If you have any access to wood for reclaiming (whether through an old barn or a junk yard), I suggest you use it! Reclaimed wood not only makes for easy, beautiful DIY, but it can turn a rented apartment space into a unique extension of yourself.

Depending on how handy you are, you might find certain projects more doable than others. Below, you’ll find a few ways that you can use reclaimed wood for your interior design.


Wall Accents (Or an entire Wall)

Reclaimed Wood Wall

You may want to limit the extent to which you do this in an apartment, you applying reclaimed wood to a wall can add a natural, rustic feel to a space.


Table/Desk Tops

Reclaimed Wood Table

Applying reclaimed wood to a table or desktop can turn an ugly piece into a work of art. If you ever find yourself disappointed with the look of a tabletop, try finding some old wood to throw on top!



Barnwood Storage

Bookshelves, boxes and storage in general can be kind of boring. But, taking some old barn wood and making a craft out of it can make your storage into a focal point of a room.