Three Things Thursday: Iconic Chairs

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Three Things Thursday: Iconic Chairs

A new addition to the Kissling Blog, our “Three Things Thursday” concept is simple: list three things in any given category for your inspiration. This week – iconic chairs.

I would like to say that every apartment or loft should have the following chairs. Sadly, these are not necessarily “consumer” chairs, but more of luxury modernist design statements. That being said, why let the outlandish prices stop you from inspiration or a used chair search? Keep an eye out, you never know if you will find one of these iconic pieces on Ebay, Craig’s List or elsewhere…

Out of the hundreds of iconic chairs from the modern age, I think that the following three work best with multiple styles of interior design than most others:

1 – The Eames Chair

The Eames Chair


You might recognize this particular model from a certain grumpy doctor’s office on TV a few years back (House, MD).

A true embodiment of modern aesthetics and function, this is certainly the most luxurious and comfortable of almost any chair in existence. With a rather high sticker price, you definitely get what you pay for in beautiful hard wood, plush leather and pure comfort.

2 – The Wassily Chair (B3 Model)

B3 Model

Don’t be fooled by the Wassily chair’s clunky, robotic look – it is incredibly comfortable. If you don’t believe me, check out Ró on Elmwood – last time I checked they had several of these on the floor. Comfy, cool looking (if a bit quirky) and definitely the more reasonably priced chair of the three in this post.

3 – Three-Legged Shell Chair

Three-Legged Shell Chair


Created by the late, highly-regarded furniture designer Hans Wegner, this piece features no synthetic materials (assuming that you don’t go with a knock-off model). A very pleasant addition to a small space, you’ll be sure to either impress guests or enjoy some solo time with a book in this chair.