Thursday “Things-to-Do”: Elmwood Village

Thursday “Things-to-Do”: Elmwood Village

On our old website, we may have covered Elmwood Village as a good spot to hit up around Buffalo. But, seeing as we have a new site and the weather is starting to suit walking up and down Elmwood Ave… we’ll revisit the area. Here’s why:

Boutique Shops

Elmwood probably has the highest concentration of boutique shops compared to anywhere else in Buffalo. Plus, the number seems to continue to grow all of the time. From consignment shops like Second Chic to high-end, custom men’s tailoring like Bureau, Elmwood is the place for clothes, accessories, gifts and more!



Food & Drink

Looking for a healthy sandwich? Check out the Lexington Cooperative Market. Want a nice craft beer and some pub food? Head over to the Blue Monk. Want a nice glass of wine or a cocktail… check out any number of Elmwood restaurants. The restaurants are¬†fantastic and you are certain to find something that you like!



Farmers Markets & Flea Markets

Everyone likes a good farmers market – great local produce and it’s just fun to walk around in the nice weather. Same goes for flea markets. So, check out Bidwell Park every Saturday for nice local farm products, or walk down a bit to the flea market if you like antiques.