Thursday “Things-to-Do” – Niagara River Cruise

Thursday “Things-to-Do” – Niagara River Cruise

If you live in our downtown Buffalo apartments, Grand Island is just a short easy drive up the 190. So, if you’ve ever wondered what it was like to take a cruise on the Niagara River, check out Grand Lady Cruises. With both public and private cruises available, you can get a little bit of coastal luxury without going to the Caribbean.

The Grand Lady

Here are a few specificĀ things thatĀ Grand Lady Cruises could accommodate:


Date Night

Buffalo has plenty of great restaurants with incredible decor, food and drinks. But, let’s be honest, a cruise adds some extra excitement to a date. The Grand Lady does both lunch and dinner cruises, though the dinner cruise would probably be more suitable for a date. At 3 hours long, including live entertainment and a three course meal, you and your date will have a great time for sure!


Work Meetings & Presentations

If you want to make a good impression on some potential clients, investors, etc. – a boat will probably do the trick. You’ll definitely want to gauge the possibility of a boat cruise to see if the rental makes sense for your particular situation, but chances are that the cruise will make a good impression in a business scenario.


Parties, Weddings, Etc.

Again, Buffalo has no shortage of land-based event venues, but doing stuff on the water just has more panache. From wedding receptions to a simple get together, the Grand Lady has a lot of possibilities for parties both in private and public cruises.

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